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May. 29

Leading the Charge: Early Layperson First Aid Training in the United States

To be sure, providing initial supportive care for serious medical problems until someone with more knowledge and experience can arrive has been around for a long, long time. Since then, the biggest changes have been a dramatic shortening of the time it takes for more experienced help to arrive, and a significant narrowing of the depth of treatment an initial provider has had to perform.

May. 26

Boating: Safety Tips and Emergency Care

Now that Memorial Day, the first official long weekend of summer, has launched us into vacation season, it’s time for a quick reminder about the importance of keeping you and your family safe during your on-water adventures.

May. 22

See What the HSI Booth #1035 is Cookin’ Up at SAFETY 2015!

This year, the HSI tradeshow gang will be travelling to Dallas, TX from June 7th to the 10th for SAFETY 2015. It will be an exciting couple of days with the opportunity for us to meet and greet new and existing customers, and we’re excited to be able to offer you a chance to go, too!  Register below for a Free Expo Pass (a $95 Value), courtesy of HSI!

May. 19

Using HSI Blog Content

The readership for our HSI blog grows bigger by the week, and we’re so pleased to have each and every one of you with us. We also encourage you to re-post our blog articles on your training center website, employee newsletter, or wherever you want to share what you find here.

May. 15

Technology Training Solutions Through Blended and Online Learning

Maybe it’s just the big crush we have on Otis, our Online Training & Information System, but here at HSI, we love using technology to train students how to be safe and how to respond in an emergency.

May. 12

Get Ready for Road Work Season

Now that winter has released its grip across the U.S., it’s time for seasonal road repair projects to begin. Let’s take a few moments to today to talk about best practices that will keep road workers and motorists safe.

May. 08

Thank You HSI Conference Attendees!

A round of applause and a big thank you to everyone who attended this year’s HSI International Conference in Nashville. We hope you came away from the conference with new ideas, strategies, and resources to make your training business even more successful.

May. 05

How’s Your Safety Savviness with Upper Management?

Does your upper management know the importance of EH&S training in your organization?

May. 01

Be Inspired with Good Samaritan Stories from HSI

Let’s dive right in to today’s dose of inspiration with some Good Samaritan stories from our emergency care instructors around the country.

Apr. 28

Instructor Tips

A great teacher is someone you remember for years after your class. All instructors hope to achieve such a hall-of-fame status with their students, but for the emergency care instructor, the motivation to do so goes far beyond mere personal satisfaction.

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