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Jul. 31

Smartphone App Alerts Local Heroes (Video)

911 Dispatchers and bystanders trained in CPR are a powerful, lifesaving combination. A smartphone app brings them together to provide emergency care assistance and the success stories show just how effective they can be.

Jul. 28

Remember to Pack Safety when Traveling Abroad

A trip requires planning – It’s hard enough to make sure you have all of the essentials you need, and a trip to an international destination can make that even more of a challenge.

Jul. 24

Adding Accident Investigation and Disaster Preparedness to Your Safety Mix

It’s easy to think of safety training in the context of the machines and potentially dangerous settings of the industrial workplace. But aside from learning how to safely use all the equipment required by our jobs, two additional areas of focus should also be added for successful safety planning for any organization: accident investigation and disaster preparedness.

Jul. 21

Beach Safety

Picture this: It’s beach time. You’ve got your towel rolled out, the sun in your face, and the deep blue water as far as you can see. You’re ready for a day of lounging and swimming; what could possibly go wrong?

Jul. 17

Skills and Best Practices for the Safety Professional

Our respect and appreciation for the safety professional knows no bounds here at HSI, but we understand that isn’t the case in every company. Those at the helm of an organization’s safety program are often the unsung hero of their company, and that can make it tough when it’s time to fight for budget resources or even just to win support from upper management in creating a company-wide safety culture.

Jul. 14

Small Business Tips

Sometimes summer can be a slow time for our training businesses — it all depends on your customer base and when they need to accomplish their training and compliance requirements.

Jul. 10

Temporary Enforcement Policy from OSHA for Confined Spaces in Construction

As many of you know, there’s a new OSHA standard (29 CFR 1926, Subpart AA) going into effect on August 3, 2015 to address the hazards and safety concerns of confined spaces in construction work.

Jul. 07

Eye Injury Prevention Month

July is Eye Injury Prevention Month, and whether we find ourselves at work, at home, playing sports, or anywhere where we need a little extra consideration for keeping the peepers safe, today’s blog has some good suggestions and guidelines.

Jul. 01

Fireworks Safety Reminder

Whether you’re the parent with a packet of sparklers for the kids or a dedicated enthusiast who stocks up on and enjoys some backyard fireworks every Fourth of July, it’s time for a reminder about how to stay safe when using fireworks.

Jun. 30

Heat Stroke in Children

With record-breaking high temperatures either happening now or coming your way soon, it’s a good time to think about heat safety. A particularly tragic instance of heat-related illness or death occurs when children (or pets) are left in vehicles on hot days.

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