Feb. 05


A splint is a device used to externally immobilize a painful, swollen, or deformed limb in order to decrease pain and prevent further injury. In most cases, splinting an injured body part is best accomplished by EMS. In cases where EMS response is significantly delayed or not available, it is appropriate for you to splint an injured limb.

Feb. 03

Keep that Heart Pumpin’ – February is Heart Month

We’re focusing on the HEALTH part of EH&S training this month to talk about how to keep your heart healthy in the workplace.

Feb. 01

Heart Month, with a Focus on Quality in CPR Training

Each year, February is declared Heart Month in the U.S. to raise public awareness about heart disease, healthy living, and heart-related emergency care. With the release of the 2015 guidelines update for CPR, ECC, and first aid just a few months ago, let’s make Heart Month 2016 a time to re-dedicate ourselves to quality in our classes and our CPR performance.

Jan. 29

What to Do in the Event of Downed Power Lines (Video)

Would you know what to do in a downed power line or utility wire situation?

Jan. 27

Prepare your Workers for Winter Driving

With icy roads, cold temperatures, and snow affecting driving conditions, stop those winter driving woes and make sure you and your employees know safe driving techniques during inclement weather.

Jan. 26

Top 3 Tips for Navigating Otis from the HSI Customer Service Team

You have questions; our customer service team has answers! Here are three of the most common questions we receive, along with their answers. While we love hearing from each of you, we hope these might save you a phone call.

Jan. 22

Troubleshooting Your AED

Being familiar with troubleshooting messages from an automated external defibrillator (AED) will help you, your students, and your employees respond quickly and effectively with your device. Today’s post reviews some of the common messages and prompts an AED can generate, along with some other considerations that may arise from using an AED to help someone in a medical emergency.

Jan. 19

Summit is Celebrating 35 Years of EH&S Training - Share Your Safety Story with Us!

2016 marks Summit Training Source’s 35th Anniversary of doing what we love; helping you, our customers, avoid accidents and incidents and save lives every day on the job.  And we want to celebrate this milestone with the people that helped us get here by sharing some of our favorite facts about Summit!

Jan. 19

Scenes from the HSI Guidelines Meetings

We were traveling around the western U.S. last week, meeting with instructors and Training Center directors during our first round of G2015 guidelines meetings. The team will be hitting the eastern states next week and at the top of February, so there’s still time to sign up for a meeting near you!

Jan. 15

Emergency Care for Frostbite and Hypothermia

With cold temperatures and winter weather conditions currently sweeping the country, it’s a great time to understand what to do in case you encounter an incident of frostbite or hypothermia.

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