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Oct. 09

24-7 Fire Offers Chief Jeff Johnson’s New Customer Service Course Series

Renowned fire service expert Chief Jeff Johnson has created a four-course series on fire department customer service to educate emergency services officers and would-be officers regarding effective customer service in their industry. Learn how a public service agency can use top-flight service and good communication to improve the strength of an organization and earn greater public support.

Oct. 06

Preventing Back Injuries in the Workplace

Back injuries are a common problem in the workplace. When discussing ways to prevent back injuries, the key thing to remember is that these problems are much easier to avoid than to fix once the damage is done. Today’s blog offers a few best practices to help avoid injury and reduce lost productivity.  

Oct. 02

October is Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month (Infographic)

Every October, the emergency care world brings Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) to center stage. SCA is a significant health threat and can occur without warning to anyone, at any time. Without early recognition and care from a bystander, the person will not survive.

Sep. 29

Rake Those Leaves, But Do It Safely!

For many around the U.S., autumn’s most visible calling card is the leafy debris covering our yards after the first big windstorm of the season. Although colorful and fun to jump in, those piles of leaves mean yard work and that can mean injuries.

Sep. 25

Tips on Getting Your Customer to Sign on the Bottom Line

“Closing the deal” — it’s the moment every salesperson or business owner works towards. You’ve made your pitch, negotiated with your customer, written up the agreement or order, and now it’s time for the signature and the final handshake.

Sep. 22

Make Sure Vehicle Inspections Are Part of Your Workplace Safety Plan

Driving safety is a significant consideration for many companies, especially when it comes to complying with FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) or Department of Transportation regulations. Today’s blog post looks at an important area of concern for any organization that has employee drivers and company vehicles — the pre- and post-trip truck inspection.

Sep. 17

New in the 24-7 EMS Library: Medrills Animated Courses

We’re proud to announce the addition of Medrills animated courses from ArchieMD to our 24-7 EMS library of first responder continuing education courses.

Sep. 11

Emergency Care Training Pays Off in a Remote Wilderness Setting

We share a lot of stories on our blog about Good Samaritans across the country who have the confidence in their training to step up and respond in an emergency. Very often, those stories involve sudden cardiac arrest and CPR, but today’s inspiration touches on another skill that can be just as vital to someone’s survival.

Sep. 10

Guidelines 101

If you are an emergency care instructor, you may already know that 2015 is a “Guidelines” year. These guidelines are a big topic here at HSI as the issuance of new standards and treatment recommendations for CPR and first aid has a direct impact on our ASHI and MEDIC First Aid training programs. Today’s blog post offers some background on this important process and what you can expect.

Sep. 08

Emergency Care for Bleeding Injuries

An injury that involves visible blood can be among the most traumatic for a bystander to respond to. However, the effective control of bleeding by a first aid provider can significantly reduce the chance an injury can become life threatening.

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