Sep. 23

Bot’s New Look!

Our ASHI and MEDIC First Aid programs aren’t the only things we’ve been updating here at HSI. Check out the new and improved Bot! We had a chance to sit down with our number one supporter of Better Online Tools (BOT) and here’s what he had to say.

Sep. 14

National Preparedness Month

Each September, National Preparedness Month reminds us that a little advanced planning can make a lifesaving difference in a large-scale emergency.

Sep. 07

New Zika Prevention Course from Summit!

There’s no turning on the news without hearing about the Zika virus. What is this new virus and what do we need to know to help prevent its spread?

Sep. 02

A Goodwill Good Samaritan

Get your holiday weekend off to an inspiring start with today’s Good Samaritan story from Goodwill Industries of San Antonio.

Aug. 24

Emergency Care and Kids: Nosebleeds and Injured Teeth

With the school year starting up over the next several weeks, let’s take a quick look at two common childhood medical emergencies we might encounter on the playground or at a child’s sporting event.

Aug. 19

Emergency Care for Marine Animal Stings

As summer weather lingers around the country, many of us are finding refuge in a day at the coast. Whether walking along the shore or getting out into the ocean, why not prepare yourself with some know-how on dealing with marine animal stings?

Aug. 17

The Art of Small Business Leadership

A successful small business starts with successful leadership at the top. Today’s blog takes a quick look how small business owners can improve their leadership game to help their company thrive.

Aug. 09

Otis Digital Tools Webinar August 17

Join us on August 17 at 10 a.m. Pacific Time for an in-depth look at how to use, and where to find, the new G2015 digital resources in Otis.

Aug. 05

OSHA Training Officer Jenny Mandeville to Speak at HSI Conference

We’re pleased to welcome Jenny Mandeville to our speaker roster for Spark 2016, the HSI Conference in Phoenix, October 24-26, 2016.

Aug. 02

Boating Safety

As the dry summer weather lingers, boaters need a little extra vigilance when navigating ever-changing rivers and reservoirs as different hazards come into play when water levels change.

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